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Hello again, all! Things have been super busy here at the eeep! ranch. I just celebrated the opening of my new art studio, Sunshine Factory, at the Poudre River Arts Center here in Fort Collins. I’m really excited about getting more involved in the community and also growing as an artist.

While I was getting my studio ready for the public, working on your websites and taking a lot of marketing workshops, I let this blog go for a little bit. Again I remind you to do as I say, not as I do. Never let your blog go more than a week without an update, kids!

Anyway, the last time I posted here, I was encouraging you to join me at Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University. Wow, did you ever miss out on some great FREE information on marketing your site and getting more traffic and conversions. Luckily for you, I will share some of the tidbits that I came away with.

First of all, I have news for you. You know how you spent a ton of time and money on developing your website? And you know how you’re asking me about how to get found and make more sales? And I keep saying that by blogging, tweeting and developing really great content over time, you will increase your exposure and your website traffic, and therefore, increase sales?

Well, I was right. 🙂

Ten hours of classes, reiterating everything I’ve told you in the past. Now, I’m not lecturing you. Really, I’m not.  😉 But I am so ready to take my business to a whole new level using the information I gleaned from these classes. Are you ready for me to help you do that, too? Here are two resources to get you started:

1. Business Blogging 101 Seminar: One of the best things you can do to create great content and get more visitors to your site is to create a blog and to nurture it. Here is a seminar I took about business blogging that will help you get started if you have ever said to yourself  “I know it’s important, but how do I start blogging for my business?” This video is a very good resource and you’ll pick up all sorts of blogging advice/tips from watching it.

2. SEO Blogger Tool Wordtracker just released a plugin for Firefox that will help you with your business blogging. SEO Blogger is a tool that will help you optimize your blog posts as you type them. This is for real and it’s free — As I type this post, I am doing keyword research and optimizing this post. I am so excited I could barely wait to tell you about this great tool. Check it out.

Any questions or concerns? You know where to find me! (Updating my blog, of course!) Watch this space for more blogging guides and information coming soon.

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