the shoemaker’s kids go barefoot


…or, in my case, my website is lacking the crucial fundamentals that I keep preaching to my clients. There is simply never enough time in the day.

Today I am taking any wee moment I have handy and doing something. Right now, I am in the process of setting up my Technorati Profile. You should, too.

Yesterday, I had a consultation with a very nice gentleman at the Fort Collins Small Business Development Center. I’m going to post more about it when I have let the information sink in (and after I’ve done my “homework”), but I am very excited. In one session, I realized that this may be the just what I need to expand my little business toolbox. I took accounting and business courses for four years….25 years ago. I barely remember much of it and yet, I’m running a business. I definitely need a refresher on cash flow and business plans and whatnot.

Could you use a refresher? At the very least, do you have business problems that could use constructive input from a 3rd party? Go to your local SBDC. It’s free for a consultation and there are workshops available at a very low cost.

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