snagging inbound links

Hi all! I just sent out a newsletter with some updates, the biggest news being that I am actually going to take a vacation April 23-30. I know…it’s about time.

I’ve also updated the site with a new article about methods for getting more inbound links to your site. Enjoy!

Snagging Inbound Links

By Andy MacDonald (c) 2008

Inbound links are now so important in the constant battle to achieve top search engine rankings, that tons of people are using every tactic under the sun to gain that one additional link. You must be careful when it comes to linking though. You could jeopardize your whole linking plan by getting links in a shady manner which could have an adverse effect on your search rankings. These inbound links are seen by search engines as votes for your site within a particular community of sites.

Anytime you’re being voted for, you want to have as many votes as possible. However you want to be using tactics which are going to pay dividends in your linking strategy, not do more harm then good. Below I list some of the best and safest methods around for generating inbound links for your website. Some can be more effective than others:

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