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hp-box-wpsitesNo longer just a blogging platform, wordpress is robust and feature-rich. It’s my favorite CMS (content management system) and it lets you, the business owner on a budget, easily make updates to site content as needed. In addition, it allows you and me to concentrate on design and marketing, instead of making sure the code works. The below list should give you a good idea of the costs involved.

  • WordPress installations start at $3500 if you’re using a predesigned theme + a custom banner.
  • A fully customized theme design starts around $2500.
  • Add $500-5000 if you’re looking for e-commerce (depending upon the number of products for sale).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ongoing commitment starting around $750/month, depending upon your needs.
  • Other functionalities such as forums, chat features, galleries, etc. are also available and will require a more customized estimate.
  • Monthly growth plans on these sites starts at $50/month. The most basic of these options allows me to ensure your site is always running optimally and securely. It’s also recommended to back up your site frequently and these monthly growth plans will allow me to do that, with the least amount of cost (both in time and dollars!) to you.

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