email marketing

hp-box-emailLooking for a way to contact your customers (and potential customers) on a regular basis? Email marketing can help draw more traffic to your website, and deliver more sales by keeping you in touch with prospects and customers via opt-in email newsletters and announcements. I can help you formulate an email marketing plan, design a look, manage your mailings and keep your mailings compliant with anti-SPAM regulations (I just cannot abide any spam-related activity!)

what is spam?

Spam is unsolicited email also known as junk mail or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email.) If you send any email in bulk (to more than a handful of recipients) to recipients who have not requested to receive it, it will be considered Spam, regardless of the contents of the email. By sending email to only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines. I will not send mailings to purchased or “harvested” distribution lists. All email sent out to your distribution list(s) will contain a mandatory unsubscribe/opt-out link at the bottom of the message. I will maintain your mailing list database for you in order to be sure that the distribution list stays “clean” and consists only of those who wish to receive your mailings.

why can’t I just send out mailings through my comcast or gmail account?

You could, but there are a few reasons why you may not want to:

  • Sending out large quantities of email via your regular email account can be time consuming, as some ISPs only let you send out to a limited number of addressees at a time.
  • When you start sending out too many emails, your ISP will flag you for unusual activity and can possibly blacklist your domain. Using an email marketing service eliminates those problems because they keep up good relations with all ISPs and are whitelisted, so your mailings won’t look like spam to the recipients. In addition, you can check every message for common spammy practices and fix the problems to assure a good delivery rate.
  • If you want to personalize your mailings, it’s simple with a marketing service. If you were doing that on your own, you’d have to type the recipient’s name into every email separately.
  • Lastly, if a subscriber asks not to be on your mailing list anymore, these systems assure that that subscriber won’t be contacted again. This keeps you in compliance with anti-spam regulation and you don’t run the risk of accidentally re-adding someone who opted out of your lists.

what will email marketing cost?

  • Pricing varies by service and I can help you select one that will work best for your needs. If you already have an email marketing service in place, I can help you get the most out of the tools available to you.
  • I charge a $250 account setup cost, which, besides saving you a ton of work, includes
    • account setup,
    • user setup,
    • signup form creation and implementation,
    • message template design and development,
    • welcome message development,
    • double opt in message development,
    • thank you message development and
    • initial testing.
  • Ongoing campaign development and management will be quoted based on your needs.

how do I know it’s working?

A good email marketing package will include features such as tracking reports, split testing, list segmentation and more, all of which will help you track your email marketing campaigns and finetune them to suit your needs. You will be able to log into your email marketing account to see reports showing how your mailings are utilized by the recipients.

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