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Are You About to Ruin Your Own Website?

It’s not unusual for clients to tell me they are worried about competitors stealing their ideas, or that Google will suddenly reorder its search rankings and leave them without any website visitors. While these kinds of things do take place from time to time, it’s far more common for us to see business owners and marketers who inadvertently ruin their own websites before someone else can get the chance to.

Are you about to make one of the all-too-common website mistakes that so many others make? Here are a few blunders to watch out for…

Asking Your Web Designer for Everything

There are a lot of really cool things you can do on the web these days, but business owners sometimes get carried away. Clarity and usability should be your top priorities when looking at potential website layouts. If your pages end up feeling cluttered and overloaded, that’s going to be a big turnoff to potential customers. Think about what your website needs, not everything it could possibly include.

Ignoring Back-End Website Functionality

Because the Internet is getting more crowded, and the competition is closer than ever, it’s important that your website not stand out for all the wrong reasons. Looking at layouts is more exciting than talking about back-end functionality, but if your site doesn’t load quickly, or won’t display on mobile devices, then you’re going to lose a lot of traffic (not to mention sales opportunities).

Forgetting About the Importance of Text and Images

Your web designer can only work with the tools you give her. If a layout is fantastic, but the accompanying text, staff photos, and/or product images leave something to be desired, then your website is going to have a disjointed or low-quality feel. Don’t neglect these important details, because they can either add something extra to your web presence or ruin the great work you paid for.

Going for the Cheapest Web Hosting You Can Find

Getting a great website and opting for a terrible web host is like paying for a mansion that’s built on top of the sinkhole. Choosing the wrong bargain-basement hosting package could lead to poor website performance, decreased online security, and even issues with spam or viruses. Trust me when I tell you it’s worth the extra few dollars a month to have your site backed by fast and dedicated servers.

Failing to Keep Your Website Current and Growing

Ultimately, the success or failure of your website doesn’t just come down to what your design team creates, but the way you use it. Smart marketers are continually adding blog posts, social updates, and new content to remain current and bring buyers back. When you skip these kinds of steps, your website stops doing a good job of promoting your company and helping you to win sales.

If you’re making one of the mistakes we’ve listed above, then getting your website and Internet marketing plan back on course should be your first priority. Otherwise, it won’t matter what Google, your competitors, or your social media followers do – you’ll struggle to turn your web presence into a source of sales and profits because you aren’t making the most of your online home.

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