Q. What is the CAN Spam Act of 2003 and why do I care?

A. The CAN Spam Act of 2003 (Full name: Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003) was meant to help regulate abuse in email marketing. According to the act, a marketer can send unsolicited commercial email (UCE) as long as the following items are included in the message:• an unsubscribe mechanism;
• a valid subject line and header (routing) information; and
• the legitimate physical address of the mailer.
• a label if the content is adult

Wikipedia defines spam as “unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic messages.” It’s comparable to the junk mail you receive via the US Postal Service. In our humble opinion, spammers are evil and have ruined bulk emailing for the rest of us! In order to distinguish ourselves from the lowly spammers, eeep! productions strictly adheres to the above guidelines, along with the following:

  • We will not send mailings unless your subscribers have expressly requested to receive them
  • We will not buy email lists, nor will we use existing mailing lists for anything other than their original use

In addtion, we test your mailings against common SPAM filters to be sure your message won’t be flagged as SPAM by other mail systems. We offer double opt-in (when a subscriber is added to your list, s/he gets a message requiring confirmation that the email address should be added to your mailing list), custom designs, signup forms for your website, forward to a friend, and other methods to make your email blast appear as legitimate email to other mail systems. We also test our mailings before sending them out so you can see exactly what your subscribers will see. This way we can be 99% sure your message will get through to as many of your intended recipients as possible.

Offering a newsletter or announcement mailings to your customers on a regular basis is a great way to keep in touch with customers and prospects. Highlighting new features on your website, news, offers, tools, and other freebies keeps them coming back to your website, helps raise your site traffic stats and keeps you top of mind for future sales.

We hope this brief overview begins to clarify a bit further regarding email blasts and SPAM. Contact eeep! productions for more information about email blast services or if you have any questions.

(Thanks this month go to Michelle Scott of Creative Wares Multimedia & Print Design for her extraordinary support.)

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