Q. How can I find out if anyone is visiting my website?

A. When there are visitors to your website, the server (the computer on which your website “lives”) records information about those visitors and stores it in a log file. On its own, this log file looks like a whole lot of numbers and letters that make no sense, but there is software available that can translate the log information and present it to you in a report that will give you all sorts of juicy details about your website

These reports come in handy when you want to see what kind of traffic your site is generating and can help us re-assess the site in order to meet the needs of your future prospects and site visitors. These reports can also aid in future search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and can help track the success of advertising campaigns and internet marketing efforts.

If you host your website with eeep! productions, we have good news for you! We’ve recently made some server upgrades that will make this log analysis less time consuming to you. Less time consuming = less expensive.

eeep! productions-hosted websites now have a special URL you can visit in order to download a pdf of your year-to-date site traffic. Simply type the domain and “awstats.pdf” after your trailing foward slash as shown here: (http://www.yourdomainname.com/awstats.pdf). This report is available to you as a part of your hosting costs and it is updated nightly.

If you require reports that encompass anything previous to this year (beginning in September 2005), we can pull those reports for you at a cost of $25 per request. Reports can be generated in two formats: year-to-date or monthly. For example, if you request a report for the entire fourth quarter of 2005, you will receive three monthly reports, but will only be charged for one report request. If you want to compare November 2006 and November 2005, we can pull those reports at the same time and that will also be considered one request.

As always, do not hesitate to call or email if you require assistance with accessing your traffic reports

If you are not an eeep! productions hosting client, we will still help you ascertain the best way for you to access your site’s traffic reports. It may simply be a matter of contacting your hosting company and requesting the appropriate information. Let us know if we can help in any way.

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