We need to talk about your home base. Part 1.

doghouseI belong to a number of groups on Facebook. I bet you do, too. Facebook groups are great because it’s an easy way for you and your fans/customers/clients/colleagues/friends to have an ongoing conversation and for you to impart your wisdom/information/sales pitches/lunch updates to them. I belong to groups where that’s the only method of communication (besides random email newsletters) with the customer.

What happens if Facebook goes away tomorrow? That’s not likely, you may say. No, it’s not likely, but do you remember MySpace?

What about all of that content that you posted in your Facebook group? Where is it? Who owns it? Is it accessible in a sort of archive where the content is able to be viewed a year later?

I want you to think about your digital empire. Where are you and your business? What do you use to market yourself and get the word out? Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others are so popular. Some folks only use one platform; some use many. My concern is that you’re relying heavily on social media and you are not sending your people back to your home base for information and community. What’s your home base? Your website.

Yesterday a client told me that they’re sending people away from their website to the client’s YouTube channel to view videos, instead of embedding the videos and keeping the viewer on the website. This confuses me because isn’t the point to get people to your site and take some sort of action (join your newsletter, make a purchase, engage by making a comment)?

In what state is your website these days? Do you need to update your blog? Is the content stale? Do you have engagement with your customers? Look, I’m not perfect, but I work at this daily and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Think about your strategy on a regular basis. If you’re not seeing the results you want, maybe it’s time to change something.

Be nice. Be real. Be happy.