getting pdfs (and other files) onto your iPhone/iPod Touch

Whee! Easy file transfers!Despite being on the geeky side, and loving new technology a whole lot, my wallet doesn’t always allow for picking up the newest gadget as soon as it comes out. When I do finally get that new gizmo that I’ve been coveting (Hello, iPod Touch I bought last October), sometimes it takes me a while to unlock all of its potential. Luckily, I know there are other late bloomers out there, so I thought I’d pass along the little tidbit I cobbled together for myself today.

My challenge: I sit in front of the computer a lot. I get antsy and tired from looking at a screen all day here at my desk. So, when I receive an ebook in the form of a PDF that’s longer than a page or two my eyes glaze over and I never finish reading it.

Nice, organized files!My old-school solution: Print out the PDFs and carry them around in my purse or tucked into my journal so I can read when the opportunity reveals itself. I would break into a cold sweat each time I started to print, so I’d stop. So nothing was getting read.

My new solution: Put the darn PDF onto my iPod Touch and read it when the opportunity reveals itself. The iTouch is almost always in my jeans pocket, so why not?

How do I do it? was the next question. I found a solution that will allow me to transfer files from my MacBook Pro to my iPod Touch over the wireless connection.

It's nice to share.Here’s what I did today:

  1. Download FileApp (I haven’t gone with FileApp Pro yet, but I think it’s only a matter of time) to your iPhone.
  2. Check out the Getting Started instructions here. You will be able to choose your computer’s operating system to set up the connection between your iPhone and your computer.
  3. I use a Mac, so I downloaded and installed Cyberduck to use for my file transfers.
  4. Go back to the Sharing page on your iPhone and follow the instructions to connect with Cyberduck.
  5. Use Cyberduck to transfer files to your iPhone by simply dragging your files.

TADA! Enjoy!

(screen shots from DigiDNA and Cyberduck. I don’t like to reinvent the wheel.)

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