Free Inbound Marketing Course

Dear clients,

I’ve recently found a new-to-me resource called Hubspot via their free webinar: “How to Build a Top-Notch Business Blog”.  I don’t impress easily these days, but this session was great and I came away with a slew of new ideas for your websites.

You cannot miss this.

Hubspot is offering a FREE 10-session course on inbound marketing June 15-19 and I will be there. Will you? Two 1-hour webinars a day — if you have other commitments and miss a session here or there, you can download them the the next day and view them later.

What’s inbound marketing, you ask? It’s bringing the customers to you, rather than interrupting their day with phone calls, direct mail, etc. Engaging your target market. Taking the time to learn what their problems are and how you can help them fix those problems.

I think an educated client is the best kind of client to have, so I want you to consider attending IMU. We can be study buddies! All of the information they share may not make sense to you at first, but that’s why I’m here. Let me know if you sign up and we’ll coordinate our efforts for the benefit of your website.

Thanks for reading!

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