Finding Images For Your Website

All of my clients, whether just starting the website building process, or revising and adding on to their sites, meet the challenge of finding imagery for their sites.

Simply finding photos you like on the web and stealing them won’t do. The web is about sharing information, but not when you take someone else’s work and pass it off as your own.

If you’re on a budget, here are a few resources you can use:

Morguefile is a great website where photographers upload their work for free and site users can download and use it at no cost. Different photographers have different terms of use, so be sure to check that out. Usually, it’s a matter of a photo credit and letting the photographer know how you’re using the image. is a great resource. You can buy credits for use on the site and each photo is worth a different amount of credits, depending upon the size you download. Newsletter subscribers receive access to the free downloads of the week and don’t forget to check the Dollar Bin! (In the interest of full disclosure, eeep! productions receives a referral fee when you use the link above and make a purchase.)

Photographer Chuck Nussman specializes in professional product photography for those who can’t afford professional product photography. Email him ( or call (201-982-3319) for samples and a quote. I’ve mailed him products for photographing in his New Jersey studio and he takes a lot of care with and pride in his shots.

Once you have the photos you’ve purchased on your website, how do you protect them? Watermarking is a good option for your personal artwork or photographs. A watermark is a faint, but readable image or bit of text that you add over the top of photos on your site so that your site visitor can see the image, but can’t hijack it easily for his or her own use.

Share your favorite inexpensive image resources with eeep! productions. Let us know what sites you’re using, or submit your own image sites for review. We’ll highlight more sites in future blog entries.

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