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WEBSITE BUILDING BASICS #6 – What to expect a good web designer to ask you

When you are interviewing  web developers/ designers/ consultants, a good one will ask questions for which you need to be prepared. If you find yourself in a meeting or on a call with a developer who isn’t asking you these questions, tread warily and be sure to bring up the topics yourself.

When I’m interviewing a new client, I ask…

for a clear set of measurable goals. All of them.

what’s the most important of these goals and why. And I will ask this repeatedly until you narrow down what you’re really looking for.

for your project budget. If you don’t know this, you probably shouldn’t be talking with anyone yet. Don’t know what a website costs? Do some research, but please don’t expect any more than a 1-page brochure site if you have less than $1000.

to speak directly with the decision makers (the people who sign the checks!) during the initial meeting and throughout the discovery process in order to be sure everyone involved is on the same page at all times.

Finally, when you’re getting estimates (and I hope you’re getting more than one!), be sure you’re comparing similar features and services. You can’t expect a brand-new designer with a bid for a one-page site to compete with 20 years of experience and a proposal for a full e-commerce site. Apples and oranges, people!

If you’re interested in learning more or if you have questions, please do comment below. Looking for some guidance or an estimate on your project? Visit the Get Started ( section of my website for some introductory questions and an application to work with me.

Be nice. Be real. Be happy.