Artists’ Web #2: Artists Who Are Doing Marketing Right

It would be impossible for me to list every single artist out there who is doing marketing right, but I want to point out a few who I follow and tell you why I admire (and endorse) their approaches.

Michael deMeng

Michael is an assemblage and mixed media artist who travels around the world to teach workshops, as well as exhibits and sells his work. Michael’s sense of humor is weird and wonderful and he’s a fantastic teacher. He’s got a Facebook group called deMeng Workshop Junkies, where artists share work he’s inspired them to create, as well as where he challenges his followers and posts his own work.

My favorite thing that Michael does is the stuff on his YouTube channel. For you to get a taste of his style, I’ve embedded here his video promo for his series “Why Art History Doesn’t Suck”.

This video is from his “Tips From a Messy Studio” series. These are little free tips and lessons that don’t take long to watch and have lots of helpful info.

The Art Sherpa

This gal is also hilarious. I’m new to Cinnamon Cooney’s YouTube channel, but her videos are gold and plentiful.

Alison Jardine

I’m not sure how I even found Alison, but I’ve been following her Twitter feed for ages. Alison posts mostly photos of her artwork and works in progress. No commentary, no uncomfortable pitches, just beautiful artwork.

Linda Woods

Linda is another big tweeter, posting random stuff about her day and other observations, as well as her artwork. Linda is the co-author of two books on journaling and is a big proponent of archiving your life events in visual form. Her Instagram feed is full of great everyday photos and her blog is constantly updated with artwork and opportunities to purchase her work. I often wonder how she finds time to make art because she leverages all of her social media so well.

Those are just a few artists whose marketing (and work) I admire. Who are yours?

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