Thank you, Tracey. I really appreciate your kindness and your humanness. Sometimes working with other professionals can feel like hitting up against a professional mask. I’m so glad you have been and continue to be a real person in addition to a professional. I’m grateful for you!

Heather Boerner
Freelance Writer & Editor
(Client since October 2006)

Tracey has been the ultimate professional in helping me to design my website. She listened to my needs, helped me to create a theme, and made the site more readable and much easier to navigate. I don’t really know how I did this before her! Now I have her on retainer to do maintenance and I couldn’t be more pleased with Tracey’s excellent service, commitment to communication and quick turnaround. Tracey has always found the best solutions for me at the lowest cost. This is so much more than I could have hoped for!

Fran Saperstein
Freelance Artist, Designer, Writer & Instructor
(Client since July 2001)

Tracey, I want to thank you for the incredible work you’ve done and continue to do for our agency. I can honestly say that I have never before had the pleasure of dealing with someone with the kind of loyalty, devotion, and conscientiousness to the job that is displayed by you every single day. I can’t thank you enough for the way you make things happen for our clients, and for the charm, grace, and laughter that you bring along as part of your personality. eeep! productions — and its founder — is priceless.

Chuck Nussman
Advertising Copywriter and Professional Photographer
Words to the Wise (Client from April 2002 through April 2014)

Since you optimized and redesigned our website, we have been experiencing good sales … a lot more than before! It is definitely top on the search engines and almost always on the first page for most of the items we sell. The site is doing better than ever and we want to thank you for your help in creating a successful website for us.

Karen Robbins
Robbins Ranch Art Glass
(Client since 2007)

I shopped around for a designer to create and launch my site, and my “gut” instinct told me to go with Tracey. I am so glad I trusted my instinct! Tracey has been outstanding in every way from Day One. She listened carefully to my needs and my conceptual ideas for the site, and came up with a great plan that fit my budget! She answered every one of my MANY questions promptly and with the patience of a saint. Even simple questions on my part prompted her to research new ideas and present me with options to grow my site, as well as protect its integrity. She also regularly volunteered advice and ways in which I could help myself promote the site. I can’t say enough good things about Tracey! I highly recommend eeep! productions to any business or individual looking to design a new website or update an existing site.

Megan Quigley
Kelliwic Border Collies
(Client since April 2004)

Tracey creates websites that look polished and professional. She is easy to work with and has plenty of experience so that she can help you refine and define the goals you want to accomplish with your website. She is a real person versus a web service provider out there in cyber land, so if you have questions you either e-mail or call her & get an effective answer quickly.

Deedee Hampton
Mixed Media Artist
(Client from December 2007 through March 2011)

Thank you again for everything. I would work with you again in a heartbeat. xo

Suzanne Simanaitis
Artist & Author
(Client from 2009 through 2014)

Thank you Tracey for all that you have done for us.  Appreciate your responsiveness to our areas of concern over time.  I wish you and yours the very best and every good thing.
Jack Kent
Corinthian Reference Lab
(Client from 2011 to 2016)


Be nice. Be real. Be happy.