about me

I’ve been a webby person and have been evolving my company as a web consultancy since 1998. Previous to starting eeep! productions, I’ve worked in retail, music marketing, print, sales, radio and banking. My skill set includes SEO, WordPress setup and implementation, email marketing, consulting, attention to detail (“being picky”), training, writing.

Aside from eeep! productions, I run alwaysBcreating.com and organize mixed-media art workshops that are held in Northern Colorado. My husband and I are parents, adopting our foster daughter in 2015, and we also have a couple of crazy shelter dogs. When we’re not working or taking care of our tyrannical kindergartener, we spend our Sofa Time enjoying movies and TV. My other hobbies include journaling, listening to music, telling my husband what to do, and homemaking.

Office Hours

One of the tough parts of being self-employed and working from home is that I can be working at any time. Then again, one of the joys of self-employment and working from home is that I can be working at any time! My peaks of creativity tend to be in the afternoons. My availability is generally Monday through Friday, 10ish am – 5ish pm Mountain Time. If I can’t answer the phone and you need me urgently, please leave a message to that effect.


If you are a happy client who would like to link to this site, I can supply you with code to do that, and will give you a reciprocal link as well. Email for more information!

If you are not a client and are looking for a link to your site, please email with the specifics. If your product/service is compatible and acceptable, we will be happy to oblige with a reciprocal link. I don’t link to products and services that I do not believe in or use myself.

Be nice. Be real. Be happy.